Hey friends! It's Friday morning. I'm sitting here in my kitchen enjoying some coffee and emailing some folks about booking shows in Oklahoma next month and Texas in March! I've messaged some people about beginning recording the new EP soon, and the artwork for it! Exciting stuff... I just wanted to include you on what was going on in my world today. 

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       Hola friends! I love Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana but it sure is good to be home! Been working around the house all week, catching up on office stuff since we were on the road for almost a month! I just started Episode of Truth #31, FINALLY. It's been quite a while since the last video blog, so keep your eye out for this one in the next few days... 

       Here's a few sneak peaks...


       That's all you get for now! That's it!!  :)  Have a great day! See ya on the road somewhere...


It's here! It's here! Fall Tour of Truth 2014... Starts tomorrow (Thur Aug 28) in Memphis, TN. Check the "Show Dates" page for all the Tour Dates... Here are some of the cities we'll be visiting:

Memphis, TN

Bossier City, LA

Dallas, TX

Fayetteville, TX

New Braunfels, TX

Stillwater, OK

Oklahoma City, OK

Tulsa, OK

Waxahachie, TX

Austin, TX



Hope you can make it out to a show near you! Or I'll just see ya next time around. Have a magnificent day!!!


        VINYL Albums are finally in! Go over to the "Store" and order your copy today... There's only 50 available for sale, so you better move quick! :)   Look around and grab you some other Stiefel stuff while you're there! Thanks, and I hope you have a glorious day!!!


Well, we're on day 26 of this 31-day tour. I love what I do very much, but I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed this coming Sunday night after our shows this week/weekend! Haha. We've had some great shows, met some awesome people, laughed a lot, argued a little (it happens). But we're still chuggin' along! 4 shows this week, then back to Nashville. Here's a little picture summary of some of the happenings thus far...

(Some acoustic pickin' at my parents' house before leaving Alabama to head to Texas...) 

 (Got to lay by the pool for a few days in Austin with our friend Xandra, who by the way has on a tan bikini here. She's not nude, and she wanted me to make that clear for everyone...)

 (Had the extreme pleasure of going to Willie Nelson's Heartbreaker Banquet at Luck, Texas, the set constructed on Willie's land for the movie "Red-Headed Stranger"... so freakin' cool...)

 (This is just a great picture of my handsome rhythm section, Bromer and Slim.)

 (Jack found him an awesome guitar at a shop in Austin... too bad he didn't get it...)

 (Here we are rockin' Billy's Ice House in New Braunfels, TX. Fun night!)

 (And of course, Slim sang to me while riding down the highway... Thanks Slim...)

 (More ridiculous road behavior... not much to do in a van for hours and hours and hours...)

 (So sometimes we randomly stop and record video playing acoustic on the side of the highway...)

 (Slim found a tumbleweed...)

 (Mark, checking Vanna White. Making sure she has all her necessary fluids...)

 (Ol' Vanna White got us to Colorado!)

 (This is a shot my cousin Glenn Rodgers took at the Trophy Room in Austin, TX. He's a phenomenal photographer. Check out his stuff at https://www.facebook.com/GlennRodgersPhotography)


       Ok ok, I'm done with the pictures. There's always more if you follow me on Instagram and Twitter (@jacobstiefel). And be on the lookout for the next Episode of Truth on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/jjstiefel, as soon as I get back to Nashville and get it edited and posted.

If we're coming close to you in the near future, come out to a show and hang out with us! Until we meet again...

Work Hard Be Nice.



     We made it through our first night hanging out at SxSW2014 in Austin, TX, last night! Now it's time for our shows to start... Here is where we'll be in Austin this week:


Tuesday 3/11 - Shotguns on 6th, 11:00PM

Wednesday 3/12 - Trophy Room, 9:00PM

Thursday 3/13 - El Mercado South, 11:00PM

     Our buddy Jeremy Steding, yours truly, Xandra & Slim hangin' on 6th St last night... Good to be with friends. Even better to be in Texas with friends!

     Have a great week! 



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Good mornin' friends!

     I'm about to get packed up and head to van call to leave out for Gadsden, Alabama. Playing with the TRUTH at Chestnut Station tonight! Should be a fun fun time... Show starts at 9:30pm! Come awn with your bad self.

     Have you gotten a chance to watch the newest Episode of Truth on the YouTube channel yet?? What? You haven't?! Well quick, while your boss isn't paying attention ...

     If you can't watch a video right now, check back on that later. For now, I just posted a new photo album up at www.facebook.com/jacobstiefelmusic full of random shots from 2013. We were everywhere from Miami, FL, up to Wisconsin, and from Texas over to Columbia, SC, and ALL in between! 

     The WE BLEED CRIMSON shirts are in! We'll have those shipped out first of next week! If you're in Gadsden tonight or Hermitage, TN, tomorrow night, feel free to come to the merch table to pick up your order... THANKS AGAIN!!

     Until we meet again, I'll leave you with this...    Don't ask. I don't even know... 


Have a fantastic day!


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       Another year hath passed us by! But man oh man has it been a full, fun, exciting, busy year... We've released a new EP, got all new merchandise, played numerous new venues, made countless new friends along the way, designed a new website, gotten over 15,000 views on "We Bleed Crimson"... Sooo many awesome things and all because of you awesome folks who choose to support me/us and what we all do in this crazy business/world. 

       Take what we've done in 2013 and multiply it by about 10... That's what we have planned for 2014 and beyond. Hope you'll hop on the Truth Wagon and join us...  

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       Here's Episode of Truth #27 to end out 2013... jacobstiefel.com


       The new song & video "We Bleed Crimson" - 

       And as promised in the WBC video, I also compiled some more behind the scenes shots and answered some questions about the song and it's meaning. I put all that footage into a special video only available here and on the youtube page... 


       You can find all submitted photos in the "We Bleed Crimson" picture album at www.facebook.com/jacobstiefelmusic. Hop on over, click "LIKE" and browse around. See if you see anyone you know! Also, follow me on Instagram (@jacobstiefel) & Twitter at www.twitter.com/jacobstiefel.

       Thanks so much for watching and for visiting the new jacobstiefel.com ... We've only just begun folks.

Have a great day!


Thanks so much for stopping by! 

       The new site is UP AND RUNNING! On the left you'll find "Home/News" (Where you are now.), "Bio" (updated), "Show Dates", "Store", "Audio", "Video" (link to YouTube channel), "Photos", "Press/Reviews" (Coming soon), and "Contact". I hope it's all easy enough to navigate. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email us under the contact page or shoot me a Tweet or something... (@JacobStiefel). 

       We've got a ton of stuff happening this week, so stay tuned! New song being released with YouTube video, starting our first mini-tour out to Texas! Very excited to spread some Truth in some new places... 

       Once again thank all of you for your continued support and friendship. See you on the road somewhere soon!! Have a good one!




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